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But by 1829, bottles for "Mc Kim's Genuine Calcined Magnesia" were definately being produced in Baltimore.

Is this Baltimore's earliest marked bottle, dating to 1825?

Abundant records remain of Governor Endicott’s garden in Salem, Governor Winthrop’s garden in Plymouth, and of the gardens of Charleston dating back to 1682.

Yet for the first hundred years there were no great gardens of princely scope, nor indeed anything more than American cottage gardens, properly speaking.

The first permanent settlements in America were made in Virginia in 1607 and in Massachusetts in 1620.

This month's featured article focuses on an early flint glass square marked: "MARYLAND--CHEMICAL/WORKS--BALTIMORE--CALCINED/MAGNESIA".

But embossed bottles identifying an American city rarely predate the late 1820's.

In fact, research indicates that any bottle so embossed from the mid-1820's would likely qualify as one of the earliest bottles bearing such embossing.

We investigated the risk of hip fracture according to circulating alpha-tocopherol, a plant-derived substance with antioxidant properties, in community-dwelling older Norwegians.

We found a linear increasing risk of hip fracture with lower serum alpha-tocopherol concentrations, with a 51 % higher risk in the lowest compared to the highest quartile.

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History documents the Maryland Chemical Work's importance in establishing a much needed domestic chemical manufacturing basis for the growing industrial trades of the newly United States-- to mitigate the high cost of the post war British import trade, and to further America's continuing independence from England.

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